Happiness is a Journey

Welcome to my very first blog post!! I’m not even sure where to start.  Maybe the best place to start is by saying this is not a blog about my travels or being an expat. I really don’t travel all that much and I’ve lived in Australia for 10 years….so I don’t feel like an expat. I am just an American who came to Australia over 10 years ago for work and decided to make this country my home.

I chose the title of ‘Adventures of the Accidental Tour Guide’ as the name for my new retro blog as this name came about in 2012 after a 10-day whirlwind trip to New Zealand with my parents. I knew the trip was going to be fast-paced and we would miss out on some great sites. I still haven’t been to Milford or Doubtful Sound, but there will be other trips. I planned most everything about our trip to New Zealand in advance, but left enough wiggle room for a bit of fun. It turned out to be a great trip, in fact one of my favourite trips with my family. We had a blast and it was full of adventure! It goes to show that not everything in life needs to be planned, in fact even if you have the best plan in place, it can change and sometimes it’s these changes that lead you down a path that you were not expecting at all. That pretty much sums up the past 10 years of my life. Yes, 10 years ago, I had a life plan…..

So why am I writing a blog after all these years? Well, quite frankly, it’s because my plan A didn’t go as planned and I didn’t have a plan B, aka back up plan. I’ve always been a believer that things happen for a reason. But I’m learning that you don’t always know those reasons and some of the experiences we have are just to help us grow and keep moving. We all have a past, with highs and lows and it can’t be changed. I also can’t predict the future. All I can do is live in the present moment and enjoy what it has to offer. This is something that I’ve learned during my mindfulness meditation classes, another trend that I have jumped on. Because, why not, don’t knock it till you try it, more on that to come in another post.

I now believe that ‘Happiness is a Journey’ because life doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over time. This has been my mantra since 2013 when I found a bracelet with this saying in the beachside town of Robe, South Australia on my first solo trip. It’s a mantra that has stuck till recently. I have a new one…but I won’t reveal all just yet.

Since I’ve lived in Australia for 10 years and do not feel like an expat, I’m not going to write a blog on what it’s like to live in another country. And I’m not into writing a comparison and contrast blog on AU vs USA. Because I love both countries and they both have great things to offer. I’m more interested in writing a blog on my self-discovery. This could’ve happened anywhere. But it’s my life experiences that have led me to this self-discovery. In a way, I’m my own accidental tour guide. I’m a planner, always have been, always will be, this goes back to my days of having a Franklin Covey planner which I used to schedule everything. I still plan a lot, but there is wiggle room and that’s when the adventure begins. I have had some great experiences and keen for more, so I thought I’d put my random thoughts on my experiences into writing and just see where it leads me. Writing is not my forte, probably due to my career path of number crunching! Therefore, this is my first step in developing myself, writing about something that makes sense, that my friends will want to read. Please bear with me as I work through this process. I promise I’m interesting, and have lots of fun stories.

Finally, my very first post is a teaser of the journey to happiness for this accidental tour guide….more on that to come

I’m really not sure what I plan to write about, I’m hoping my ability to talk can guide me to putting pen to paper (as the saying goes) and everything will flow eloquently. Ok, who am I kidding, I know it’s not that easy. Be patient with me. My goal is to take my every day random experiences and see what meaning I can get out of them, hence my journey of self-discovery. Hopefully this doesn’t happen every day, I wouldn’t be able to handle the excitement! At the very least, my mom will at least know that I’m not at the ‘bottom of the ocean’, another great saying from my family that has stuck. Meaning if she hasn’t heard from me in 2 days, she sends me a simple message asking if I’m at the bottom of the ocean. Chances are that could be a real possibility, now that I’m a surfer, but I’m still trying to graduate from the board with training wheels.

Now for anyone who is wondering why I’m writing a blog at this stage in my life. It’s ok, I get it. I have thought the same, is she turning into a crazy cat lady. To answer your question no. Unfortunately, I’m not home enough to have an animal, otherwise I certainly would, but it would be a dog (of course). Instead, I’m the crazy cat lady without a cat, with a dry humour who decided to take up blogging….much more socially accepted, I hope!!

Read this blog, laugh with me, cry with me….do anything you would do when you read a really cool blogger!


Author: Christine

Life is an adventure, enjoy the every day moments including the unexpected. I get the most enjoyment in life from outdoor activities, including bush walking, surfing, beach volley ball and running.

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