Live What You Love

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Welcome back, and thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement. I truly appreciate the support and am very happy to have my friends, family and anyone who is interested to share in these experiences.

Before I get carried away with this post, is has come to my attention that I need to set the stage, intent, direction, purpose (choose any good buzz word) to describe the bigger picture of this blog. After reading my first post last week, my co-worker asked me a simple question ‘What type of blog are you writing’. While I have promised my co-workers that I would leave them out of my blog, I must give credit where credit is due as one of them brought this to my attention and this is a good point. It got me thinking that I need to identify what type of blog this is and what is its purpose.

I will now officially give my vision or purpose for this blog to set the stage for what I plan to write about in future posts. I see this blog as a lifestyle blog. But stay with me as I find, redefine and shape my focus. A lifestyle blog is a fitting genre, mainly because that will make this blog all-encompassing and provide a wide range of topics from past, current, future and anything in between experiences. Plus, a lifestyle is simply about what I what I love and sharing it with my readers. It can include food, travel, family, really anything that makes for a happy life. And that’s my focus here to blog about life and how experiences both good and bad influence life and make me happy.

Now, on to the topic for this post, ‘Live What you Love’. This is my most recent mantra, it’s a good one and I believe it suits me perfectly at this stage of my life. This may be one of those sayings where you think, oh yeah duh, of course that’s the way to live. Well, life has steered me in different paths and I haven’t always been doing what I love or living a life that I love. It wasn’t until recently that a good friend said to me, do the things you enjoy doing and that will be your life. I thought to myself, what a great idea. I’ve always been pretty active and enjoy walking, running, swimming, volley ball, surfing, yoga; basically, anything that involves physical activity. But I thought to myself, I probably need more in my life. I realised that to grow, I should try some new activities, test out some different hobbies and hopefully increase my social circle. I set myself a mission to do more interesting things and in the past six months I have tried salsa dancing, meditation, Toastmasters, mentoring, networking and drinking red wine (haha that’s a well established hobby and deserves ample attention). I’m planning to write a separate post later for each of these activities as they are all quite interesting and unique. Be aware, I may not have much to offer on the salsa dancing because I’m really not that good at it, mainly because I have yet to go out and practice what I learned in class. Why do most salsa dancing venues not kick off until later in the night, when I’m ready to go home. I’m not a night owl, never have been one and never will be one.

While I didn’t know if would fall in love with these activities when I started, I knew that if I don’t try well, they definitely would not become part of my life and something for me to love. And you never know when one thing can lead to the next adventure. It’s the unknown plays a driving part in our lives. While that unknown can be both good and bad, and drives us for different reasons, it’s there and can have a life of its own. I believe that if you want to drive the direction of your life, you better venture into the unknown which can lead to bigger and better opportunities and life experiences.

I also think having passion for what you do plays a huge factor into living what you love. You need to decide what motivates you and choose activities you are passionate about to do every day. Most people who know me, probably know that leading a healthy life which includes a balance of fitness and a healthy eating drives me. Well, mostly balanced, I can put a bit too much emphasis on fitness and eating healthy and giving others my opinion on both of these, especially my family. But it’s who I am and when you believe in something you just want to share your knowledge with others. As long as you don’t ram it down their throat. I try to just state my opinion, let my audience digest it and move on, either you are agree or do not, it’s really that simple. My addiction to a healthy lifestyle is probably a result of all the feel-good chemicals my brain creates. This gives me the drive I desire to keep pushing myself.  And as I have recently realised, doing things that I love and creating a life that includes new experiences I love contributes to these feel good chemicals.

As my past experiences have shaped who I am, I’d like to take a journey through some of my past experiences and link them to my present life. Whether you have only known me for a short time or all my life, I think this will give you some insight on what I have been up to for the past 12 years when I decided to venture off to the land down under. It’s been a good journey and one that I want to share and has shaped me to where I am today. My next post takes me back to where it all began……

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Author: Christine

Life is an adventure, enjoy the every day moments including the unexpected. I get the most enjoyment in life from outdoor activities, including bush walking, surfing, beach volley ball and running.

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