Back to where it all began


Melbourne skyline.jpg

This post is about a blast from the past, a city that is. Recently I visited Melbourne with some of my favourite Sydneysiders. We had a truly fabulous time enjoying all that Melbourne has to offer which included cute little cafes, fascinating walks and a dazzling musical. I’ll come back to the details, including my personal recommendations. First, I’d like to reflect on what a trip to Melbourne means for me.   Visiting Melbourne always brings on a flood of memories and what ifs. I lived in Melbourne for a short 6 months after my arrival in Australia, before moving to Adelaide. I  sometimes wonder what if I stayed, what would my life be like? Well, I sure wouldn’t have my amazing Sydney friends!

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Happiness is a Journey

Welcome to my very first blog post!! I’m not even sure where to start.  Maybe the best place to start is by saying this is not a blog about my travels or being an expat. I really don’t travel all that much and I’ve lived in Australia for 10 years….so I don’t feel like an expat. I am just an American who came to Australia over 10 years ago for work and decided to make this country my home. Continue reading “Happiness is a Journey”